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Brings you the latest and most professional technology to enhance the diagnosis of dental issues (problems/concerns).

Low Dose Digital X-Rays

Low dose digital X-rays are available to all Sydney Smiles Dental patients allowing for accuracy, efficiency and safety over older film predecessors. This technology enables us to take an X-ray and view the results almost instantaneously on our screens. Our X-rays use 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays and do not use chemicals to produce detailed, accurate results.

Intra Oral Camera

Our small intraoral cameras are contained in a small tube, these allow you to go on a tour of your mouth. This lets you see what your dentist can see. Any problem areas can now be explained while you watch, increasing your awareness of your own dental health.


The OPG or orthopantomogram takes a panoramic dental X-ray of the upper and lower jaws. Your Dentist will be able to give you a complete overview of the mouth, any potential issues can be viewed while looking at your entire mouth. OPG X-rays are the fastest way to give Dental professionals an overview of your mouth and are a necessary part of most diagnostic phases through to the development of effective treatment plans.


We are excited to have our Dental Cone Beam CT available to our patients at Sydney Smiles Dental. This is a special X-ray that is only available to a handful of dentists in Sydney. This type of X-ray generates 3-D images that allow the dentist to provide more precise and accurate treatment planning. This is crucial especially in complex cases involving dental implants, impacted wisdom teeth, etc.

3D SCANNER – 3Shape TRIOS scanner & CAD/CAM

At Sydney Smiles Dental, we like to stay up to date with the latest technology so that we can give the best care to our patients. The 3D scanner allows the dentists to provide a more accurate guide for treatment options, such as crowns, implants, and teeth alignment. It also assists in providing an accurate shade to match the colour of your natural teeth. This 3D scanner helps make treatment more comfortable for our patients as well as improving the fit of dental crowns, bridges and implants.

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