Dentists Creating Superior Smiles for Sydney Professionals!

Sydney Smiles Dental perfectly balances possible clinical treatments to match your individual profile and needs.

Australia needs quality dental services. We provide premium dental services with exquisite results.   – Dr. Marcel Lee

Sydney Smiles Dental are your local Sydney dentists, offering you the simple approach to modern dentistry. Choose the most conservative method of ultra-modern treatments by utilising the latest technology in our industry.

We know our customers want access to the cutting-edge equipment that not all dentists stock to ensure the most comprehensive, pain free experience currently on offer. Our range of services allow you to make Sydney Smiles Dental your go to clinic for all your teeth and gum related needs.

We are located in Chatswood and are easily accessible by both car and public transport so you can spend less time travelling and more time experiencing our innovative facilities. We provide:

So no matter what dental treatment you need, Sydney Smiles Dental is here to help you!

Your trusted dentists in Chatswood

We know that experience makes the difference and that’s why our team of Chatswood dentists have years of practical knowledge in the field. We take our time with our patients and understand that going to the dentist can be a daunting experience. We are here to say it doesn’t have to be and want to show you that with the right care getting dental treatment can be an easy, stress free experience.

Our large range of services

In a central location, Sydney Smiles Dental is perfect for those needing a dentist in Lane Cove, Roseville, Chatswood and the Sydney area. We understand that your teeth are important to you and that’s why we are available to help get your teeth looking their best again! Call us on (02) 9410 2001 to find out about our range of services or book online now and let us help you grin from ear to ear!


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