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Children need to have positive experiences with the dentists at their local clinic so that they feel confident and comfortable pursuing good dental hygiene and care throughout the rest of their lives. At Sydney Smiles Dental, children’s dentistry is of particular interest to our experienced staff of dentists, hygienists, technicians, and nurses.

Helping our younger patients in Lane Cove, Roseville, and Chatswood, every childrens dentist at Sydney Smiles Dental fosters positive dental hygiene routines and practices, as well as nurtures healthy smiles to last a lifetime. With our personalised appointments, our childrens dentists can offer current, practical information to support children and their families as they embark on a lifetime of smiles. With years of experience working with children and families in the Lane Cove, Roseville, and Chatswood areas, we have developed modern techniques using current practices and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring your children receive the best care possible.

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Make the Choice for Quality Children’s Dentists Across Sydney in Lane Cove, Roseville & Chatswood

Through regular visits, our team of childrens dentists in Chatswood, Lane Cove, Roseville & Great Sydney can provide support and advice on how families can best look after their children’s teeth. With early diagnosis and preventative treatments, many dental problems or concerns can be corrected with varying levels of intervention. Offering services ranging from braces to standard check-ups and cleaning, we can support the dental health of children across our Sydney communities. We strive to make each visit to our clinics an enjoyable one by providing high-quality dental care in a relaxed and friendly environment to suit the various needs of families in our community.

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To learn more about how our experienced dentists can support your family and care for your children’s teeth, you can follow us on Facebook, or contact us by calling directly on (02) 9410 2001 or by emailing us at We look forward to hearing from you and embarking on the journey to happy, healthy smiles together.

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