September Newsletter 2014



Top 4 Tips To Impress Your Next Date


1. Brush Before You Leave

Not pointing fingers, but guys – It’s pretty obvious. When a girl looks at a handsome man with a great smile, that’s easy points right there. Being confident in your smile can also help with smooth conversation and a brighter mood for the evening.

2. Carry Mints Or Gum

Whether you’re a gum guy or a minty gal, sometimes they’re just handy. Try and avoid the over-intense Grape and Strawberry flavors. They’re packed full of sugar anyway, your teeth don’t want any of that. Something simple and fresh helps that kiss linger… just a little longer.

3. Plan Your Meal

Ok so this is where the strategy starts coming in. Avoid garlic and fish… and pretty much everything your date doesn’t like (might be worth discussing favorite foods before you order). There’s always a high chance you’ll find something in common too…

4. Choose A Fresh Beverage 

This one comes down to personal choice. If you are part of the small minority who loves tequila, mojitos are great. Not too sweet and a bit of spice to get your taste-buds dancing. On the other hand, Bourbon can get a little sickly… no matter how much you love Jim and Jack (or how much they love you back) it’s time to move on. Pick something that can keep you a little bit more sober than normal and helps keep the night on course!

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