Dr. Yanqing (Jason) Huang

Dr Jason Huang first moved to the North Shore area over ten years ago. He attended North Sydney Boys High School, where he decided to pursue dentistry as his passion. To this end he moved interstate to Queensland for five years, studying dentistry at the prestigious University of Queensland with the sponsorship of the University of Queensland Excellence Scholarship. Dr Huang graduated with first class honours and moved back to Sydney, before joining Sydney Smiles Dental as an associate dentist.

Dr Huang is a strong believer in the importance of education when it comes to oral health. He will do everything in his power to provide his patients with the knowledge they require when it comes to making the right decision about their teeth. He emphasises spending time discussing patient concerns and believes that open, friendly and effective communication is the key to obtaining the best results for his patients. Warm and approachable, Dr Huang is always looking to create a friendly and comfortable environment for his patients, and is happy to communicate in either English or Mandarin, being fluent in both.

For Dr Huang, the number one priority will always be to get the best result for his patients. He makes sure to keep track of industry news and developments, and is always looking to further develop his skills through further training or professional development programs. In his spare time he enjoys reading, playing the flute, and casual soccer games with friends.